Leki & Gina Engaged

Where do I sign up to be on the beauty train like these two?



The Story: Sara

Who: Sara
Where: Chino, CA
Why:  I've never known anyone with such an infectious laugh, a stunning smile (hello dimples), and a sparkling personality like Sara.  If you meet her, you are instantly friends with her.  And as a bonus, she can do a Minnesota accent better than anyone I know.  That's reason enough to be friends with her.


The Story: Jeffrey

Who: Jeffrey
Where: Fullerton, CA
Why: This guy is a walking miracle, and that's no exaggeration.  Jeff has allergies that I didn't even know existed and reactions to those allergies that could make your cringe but you would never know because of his genuine smile and personality.  He's been fighting a battle his whole life and you would never know thanks to his quick wit and sarcastic remarks.  My kind of friend.




Cable Family

I have really good looking friends.  And when those friends have babies...they are extremely good looking.  Holly and Steven introduced me to sweet little Weston, and he and I fell in love, in an airport hanger.


Trevor and Tori Engaged

 I meet some really rad people at my day job.  Trevor and Tori are two of them.  They are 2 of the kindest people ever.  And they are just gorgeous.